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SLS eCommerce Customer Portal

A comprehensive and fully integrated e-Commerce extension to SLS Enterprise for streamlined business-to-business interaction between the distributor and the retailer. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft IE/Edge, and Safari with an option of custom styling for a store front that is visually appealing, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

Keep your customers engaged online with the following features:

  • • On demand rollout of new items, promotional Items, discontinued Items, substitutions and replacements
  • • Real-time customized item pricing and product availability
  • • Real time updates to orders, bookings, and requests for return
  • • Home page announcements for high-visibility alerts, links, and marketing
  • • Single sign-on authentication via one organizational account
  • • Customizable selection of features at the system, group, customer, and user level
  • • Multiple users per entity
  • • Group, salesperson, or custom group access for aggregate reporting and retail/authorization management

Empower your customers with an online ability to:

  • • Quickly place and review orders
  • • Upload and submit third party orders
  • • Maintain and distribute shopping lists for bulk and repeat ordering
  • • Request returns and monitor pickups
  • • Manage the current and future item retails and authorizations
  • • Request shelf tags
  • • Generate sales reports
  • • Reprint invoices or request an electronic copy
  • • View current account statements
  • • Reprint current order guides

Demo from SLS demo site

Shopping List

Item Focus Screen

Promotional Items

Order Checkout

Retail Report

Sales Report

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